Performax - The art of performance engineering

Performax provides software load testing and performance engineering  services to help our clients build, market, and deploy highly scalable applications. We specialize in using open source tools to maximize the value of our services.

Load Testing  Capacity Planning
Load testing is an essential component of quality assurance. It can identify problems with an application’s efficiency, stability, or scalability before it’s released. The cost of fixing performance problems after an application enters production is high. The cost of restoring  reputations and confidence is higher yet. Our methods for testing, optimizing, and modeling application performance are unique and produce consistently good results. Learn more about fixed price load testing. There is a tremendous value in understanding when a company is going to have to spend money on their IT infrastructure. Performax characterization projects determine what spending is required on the infrastructure and when it will be needed to meet growing capacity demands. Our methodology ensures the right business processes are modeled, optimized, load tested, and characterized in order to minimize and accurately budget for infrastructure costs.
Enhancing Application Scalability Boosting Productivity
All applications have inherent limits to scalability. At best, these limits are by design. At worst, they are not understood. One of the most demanding tasks in performance engineering is to modify an existing complex application to enhance scalability to levels far beyond original design goals. Our formula for success is to assemble a small team of senior application developers/architects, application subject matter experts, and a senior performance engineer from Performax to identify bottlenecks, brainstorm and prototype solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness of changes in a controlled environment using our standard performance testing methodology. We work with development organizations to turn efforts into results. Many development organizations have software performance initiatives underway. These efforts can easily become uncoordinated or focused on the wrong areas. Performax works with development organizations to implement a structured approach to performance engineering to generate positive results quickly and maximize return on investment.
Benchmarketing OpenSTA Quick Start
Benchmarketing is the characterization of application scalability, responsiveness, and throughput for sales or marketing purposes. We have helped the world's leading hardware and software companies close millions of dollars of business through technical marketing of benchmark and performance characterization data. Performax believes that tools are secondary to knowledge, experience, and skill. For this reason, we remain tool agnostic. For customers seeking the advantages of open source tools, Performax brings years of experience using and supporting open source load testing tools such as OpenSTA. See our services page for more details.